Intranet Information Architecture

Role: UX Director

Timeframe: 3 months


Fidelity intranet had grown over the years, serving over 50,000 employees. As such it was increasing difficult for folks to find the information they needed in a timely manner to get their work done. As a result, many folks had to make uninformed decisions, or find workarounds.

The Challenge

Create an architecture for an organization with 10,000+ internal websites on dozens of platforms so that all sites could be accessible via browsing. Make it easy for associates to locate information, and provide a framework for future intranet growth and change.

The Plan

Inventory all the data on hand, then use user feedback to iterate our way to a new way to organize and label the information to enable efficient task achievement. Techniques included card sorting, reverse tree testing, search analytics analysis, browsing data analysis, competitive analysis, task analysis and user testing.

The Results

The new information architecture performed significantly better in usability testing. It set up the organization well for the new digital workplace initiative. We discovered additional opportunities for new content.