myCareer App

Role: UX Director, lead designer, researcher

Timeframe: 2 months


Help a team launch a pilot program that matches associates with the right career coach, by building a multi-platform app to run the logistics of the program. The users will be coaches, coachees, and program admins.

The Challenge

The pilot was scheduled to launch in 2 months and they needed the app tested and launched by then. Since this was unplanned work, I could only spare 2 folks (one developer, one designer/ui developer). I worked hands on with the team while managing the project to meet the tight deadline.

The Plan

Build a responsive web app MVP in record time by using LEAN UX methods, rapid prototyping, fast paced user research, and leaning on our own design and code libraries. We researched, then prototyped and tested with real users often doing daily iterations.

The Results

Both the pilot and app were a smashing success! The myCareer Center idea spread to all Fidelity offices and we continued to expand on the app for the next 2 years. Our internal UX agency received more new work through by folks interacting with this app than anything we did.