Transparency App

Role: UX Director, lead designer, lead researcher

Timeframe: 3 weeks


Our C Level execs are not getting the transparency into the work they’re expecting. Senior leadership wants a concept built that shows how we could solve this problem and have it ready for the next leadership meeting.

The Challenge

  • Only 3 weeks to complete the prototype

  • The C Level leaders are unavailable for research

  • Available leaders have differing opinions on the focus

  • The problem was not yet clearly defined

The Plan

Week 1: Research - conducted a remote generative design session with project stakeholders to define the problem, and held a series of 1:1 interviews with subject matter experts.

Week 2: Initial Design Concepts - Built low-fi prototypes to show how the system would work and data displayed

Week 3: Iteration - Met with stakeholders, conducting many iterations until it was ready to be presented to the C-Level leadership team

The Results

The concept was a success and the project was funded. Two teams were dedicated to build out the project, including our UX design and research team.