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what is user experience

what is user experience (ux)?

In looking at holistic design, it's the experience that matters and it hinges on two factors: the user and the user's context. We must take both of these into account in order to achive a superior result.

the user experience spectrum

the ux spectrum

Rather than focusing on one particular dicipline, the experience is delivered by the harmony of many things. If one of the elements fails, then the whole experience fails. Therefore it is necessary for UX practitioners to work together with the overall experience as the goal.

user experience roles

ux roles

There are many tasks and roles involved in an interactive project; these are more specific to a content centric website. Communication must flow throughout to achieve the best results. While I've filled all these roles at different times, I have narrowed my focus over the years, yet I appreciate and understand the importance of each role.

stephen thomas' ux roles

my niche

I've found that my stregnths lend me to add the most value in these areas. I really enjoy overseeing the overall user experience on projects while lending my skills in visual design, information architecture, usabilty and strategy. I still occassionally get the opportunity to fill in other roles as needed.