Configurable Core

Role: Design Manager, Project Manager

Timeframe: 3 months


The Indeed Design System was being completely rebuilt from the ground up. We needed to make the system so beneficial to product teams that they would take time to adopt the new system voluntarily, as there was no company mandate to do so.

The Challenge

The old design system had been too restrictive and left a bad taste in people's mouths. Product teams were busy with new features and replacing the system was low on the priority list. We also needed to build a whole new system with a small team in less than a year.

The Plan

Build a flexible, composable system, with participation and input from the users. Deliver iterations quickly and consistently, proving the value of upgrading to the new system by providing value to product teams and making upgrading the obvious choice.

The Results

We conducted research to prove using our system made designers and developers 5x more efficient than not. We were able to complete v1 of the system by the end of the first year. Then we achieved 100% adoption of the system by the second year through direct partnership with product teams.