Digital Workplace Transformation Strategy

Role: UX Director, strategist

Timeframe: 4 months


Understand the different types of users for the Digital Workplace, how do they think about and operate in regards to workplace communication and collaboration. Use this insight to direct the strategy of the rollout of the enterprise Digital Workplace.

The Challenge

The Digital Workplace was a multi-year, organization wide technology and behavior transformation with wide reaching impact. We help inform the business and technology teams and decision makers so they can better understand the people they are building for.

The Plan

Through a combination of surveys, interviews and loads of analysis, gain an understanding of who the users are. How do they think about collaboration in the workplace? What are their needs, frustrations, untapped potential? I led a team of three UX researchers to gather and analyze the wealth of information on a tight timeframe.

The Results

The dozens of stakeholders from multiple departments were able to better understand and feel for the people who use the Digital Workplace. This shaped priorities and technology choices for the users benefit, increasing satisfaction and ensuring the technology investments would provide a great return.