Role: UX Director, Product Manager, designer

Timeframe: MVP 4 months; Managed product family for 7 years.


Fidelity needed a new technology portal, one that brought the same level of UX excellence that was used on the external .com sites. The site was so successful that it grew into a family of branded technology products that I managed for 7 years as a product manager.

The Challenge

  • MVP: Create a new portal and brand from scratch, in 5 months, with a team of 3

  • Ongoing: build on the success of V1, expanding into a family of products that serve all of Fidelity's technology products

The Plan

MVP - Using user research, iterative design, and high quality visual design, launch a new product and prove it's success through metrics and user testing

Brand family - Expand the brand into products like Techworks Solution Center (support automation), Techworks Service Desk, Techworks GuruBar, and Techworks User Experience (internal UX agency)

The Results

The outstanding user feedback we received from the initial MVP spurred the growth of our team and products for years, from a team of 3 to 25. We continued to pitch new ideas and prove them out and successful thorough a rigorous focus on research informed design.